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Desktop Support Engineer Interview Questions

Explain the different types of operating systems?

Provide a few examples of NOS (Network Operating Systems) and SOS(Server Operating Systems)

What is the difference between NTFS and FAT

What are the improvements you found in Windows 2003 from Windows 2000

What are the improvements you found in Windows 2003 from Windows NT

Explain active directory

Explain different types of firewall

What is meant by browser and name a few browsers

What is the difference between software and hardware firewall

Compare Automated System Recovery Vs Recovery Console

What are the 7 layers of the OSI model

What is the process of enabling firewall in Windows XP

What is meant by attrib command

What is meant by edit command

What is the location of the HOST file

How to deal with missing NTLDR file error?Compare parallel port vs serial port

What is the process of disabling the firewall in Windows XP

What are the min system requirements for installing Windows XP, Vista, 2003 and 2008

What do you mean by the ping command

Explain NTLDR file

Number of bytes in MAC address

What can you do to make a computer run faster

What is the process of installing a printer in Windows XP

Explain the concept of cookies

How to format a hard disk using the command prompt

What are rmdir, chdir and mkdir commands

What is meant by port number

Explain the difference between IPv6 and Ipv4

What are the backup types in windows Operating system

What does remote desktop mean

What is the range of class A IP address, class B IP address, class C IP address

Describe the virus removal process from a computer

Explain the difference between Alternate DNS and Preferred DNS server.

What are the different types of RAID levels

Explain the process of copying a folder or file using the copy command

Explain the process of booting the computer in safe mode

What are different types of printers available

Compare Incremental Backup Vs Differential Backup Vs Copy backup.

The last best configuration you have seen.

What is the transmission speed of T1 carrier

Explain BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) and the ways to overcome it.

What are the different hard disk types

Explain the terms disk cleanup, disk defragmentation, device manager and system restore.

Compare Firewire port vs USB port

Explain the difference between primary and secondary partition

What is meant by IP address, APIPA and Subnet mask

What is the default subnet mask of Class A, Class B, and Class C IP address


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