• Perfect installation of the Windows OS (operating system).
  • Maintenance of all the Installed Windows OS.
  • Updating and Installing New Software.
  • Establish a connection between Remote Desktops.
  • Protect the OS from viruses by regular scanning of the OS by Anti-Virus software.
  • Handling all the Back-up and Recovery Process of the company.
  • Regular monitoring and optimization of the OS.

These are the important roles and responsibilities of Desktop Support Engineer which should be handled properly if selected for the post.

While preparing for the interview, you should be well versed of all the latest technologies and functions of the post of Desktop Support Engineer. You should very well understand the role of desktop support engineer.

Important Fields to Focus:

Windows OS Functions:

  • Installing Windows OS on Desktops.
  • Managing the shared folders and troubleshooting if any problem occurs.
  • Troubleshooting the Hardware Devices and setting them to a suitable configuration.
  • Resolving all startup and login problems that occur.
  • Resolving the LAN connection problems.
  • Configuring Internet Browsers.
  • Handling the Outlook Express work.
  • Solving the issues related to Applications and updating them.
  • Handling all the issues related to the Security Permission of the websites.
  • DNS
  • DHCP
  • Regular and scheduled Tasking.

Basic Concepts Related to Network:

  • Transmission Process.
  • Data communication.
  • Basic Fundamentals of OSI, IP, and TCP models.
  • Classes of IP Address.
  • Sub-Netting of IP.
  • Fundamentals of IPv6.
  • Switching Basics.


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