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Androidx Easy Runtime Permissions with Dexter

In this article, we are going to simplify the process of adding the runtime permissions using Dexter library. Using this library, the permissions can be implemented in few minutes. This is an introductory article about the Dexter covering basic features offered by the library. Dexter provides other features like using it with SnackBar, different types of listeners, […]

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Moving Gradient Background In Android

Hello Friends, In this tutorial I will be showing how we can create Animated Gradient Background. Adding Animated Gradient Background in your app is really easy by using xml and java code. Animated moving gradients background between gradients as animation makes your android app really awesome. Step 1:- Creating New Project Create a new project in […]

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Android Splash Screen

Hi everyone, welcome to another useful tutorial for beginners. So this post will show you an Android Splash Screen Example. An splash screen is a screen that shows up when we launch the app. Splash Screen is very common term and it is required for all the application. The idea behind this is, to show […]

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